What are the benefits of playing netball?

Playing netball has many benefits, including improving fitness, coordination, dexterity, bone strength and improving confidence and teamwork skills. Netball is a sport that requires many different skills and playing this sport will hone your fitness in many areas as well as benefit you in other ways.


Netball requires a lot of running, stopping and starting and changing direction. You can’t run with the ball so you need to also have a good eye for passing and catching the ball. Movement off the ball is also extensive, so you will develop excellent reactions and acceleration ability from the continued movements required to get into the right position on the court.

Strength and agility

Your strength and agility will also improve as you move about the court for the duration of the game, while the distances covered throughout the whole match will mean improved cardio health and fitness levels. This is particularly true of the Centre position, which covers most of the court.


Your hand to eye coordination will improve due to the nature of the game. Throwing and catching are the ways you move the ball around the court and you need to jump to catch a high ball and aim well to send it in the correct direction to your teammates. Other throws include a chest pass which is thrown at chest height and a bounce pass which can bounce once on the ground.


Teamwork skills will improve considerably as you have to work together with your teammates to create a strong team ethic and coordinate your movements. Only certain positions are allowed to shoot or to enter particular areas, so the whole team must work together to score, defend and attack.

There are many ways you can improve your netball skills, such as attacking, passing, defending, shooting and marking. One way to practice is to use a netball drill training video, such as those available from sportplan.net. These give ideas for drills to help you practice the skills and improve your overall game.


Another great thing about netball is that it also teaches strong flexibility in approach. There is so much going on in a netball game with so much to think about all the time, you need to be able to change up your play at a moment’s notice.