The Use of Aluminium Extrusions in Sports Stadium Construction

Modern sports stadiums are designed to be as eye-catching and memorable as possible providing both competitors and spectators with an awe-inspiring experience. Who can forget the swimming pool of the London Olympics in 2012? The gigantic roof, designed to replicate a wave rolling out of the sea, weighs an estimated 3,000 tons and covers a length of 160 metres. Natural daylight floods in through the latticework of the roof’s frame fabricated from aluminium extrusions allowing tantalising glimpses of the interior.


The Iceberg Skating Palace in the Russian city of Sochi, is reminiscent of a huge, curved glacier that glistens as it rises up from the earth. A mosaic of turquoise and ice blue panels supported by a network of frames made of aluminium extrusions reflect the rays of the sun. The roof’s interior is equally splendid with a silvery cobweb of girders supporting the lights. Monumental and dynamic, such spectacular feats of engineering are as much a showcase for the talents of the architects and designers as the athletes competing inside. And none of these magnificent sports stadiums would be possible without the incredible properties of aluminium extrusions.


Aluminium is lightweight yet strong and malleable. It is these very properties that are allowing architects to design fantastic shapes, creating exciting images that will last a lifetime and beyond. Extruded aluminium has an estimated lifespan that far exceeds eighty years rendering it ideal for constructing monuments that will repay their initial investment several times over. As a viable, cost effective material that is resistant to rust it requires virtually no maintenance of any kind even in the harshest of wintry northern climates.


The interiors of sports stadiums contain components such as staircases, elevators, air conditioning systems and more importantly, tiers of comfortable seating which are all manufactured from aluminium extrusions. From fittings inside bathroom facilities to the kitchens of the refreshment areas, there is very little that aluminium extrusions can’t be used for. The durable, strong and easy to maintain qualities of aluminium make it a versatile and economic choice for all the fixtures and fittings providing a serviceable, carefree structure for the decades to come.


Aluminium extrusions offer amazing creativity for designers and manufacturers who want to make an impact as big as an Olympic sports stadium. Perhaps your project isn’t on such a grand scale but aluminium extrusions are versatile for even the smallest ideas. Ask Edmo