Going to a Race for the First Time

One of my friends who is really into the Formula One series got tickets to see one of the races in person and invited me. He knew that I also liked to watch the races, which is why he asked me to come along. I was so excited and couldn’t wait to go. I bought a new camera just for the event so I could take lots of pictures of the cars and drivers. I wanted to me all of them and get their autographs. This was going to be my first time going to a race.

On the day of the race, my friend and I were so excited. We were like two kids who had walked into a candy store. We went to our spots and watched as the cars went around the track. One of the cars crashed and hit another car, which sometimes happens during the races, but we had never seen it happen up close, and it was exciting and terrifying at the same time. We were wondering if the drivers were going to be fine after the crash. They were able to get out of their cars unharmed, and the other racers had to watch out for debris.

After the race, my friend and I went to a restaurant to eat some of the local food and the winner of the race walked in. We were able to get a picture taken with him and got his autograph as well. He was so nice to us and he was pretty happy too. I guess winning the race had a lot to do with that. He looked like he wanted to buy drinks for everyone. I want to go to another race when I have some free time, because it was probably one of the best experiences that I’ve ever had.