What are the benefits of playing netball?

Playing netball has many benefits, including improving fitness, coordination, dexterity, bone strength and improving confidence and teamwork skills. Netball is a sport that requires many different skills and playing this sport will hone your fitness in many areas as well as benefit you in other ways.


Netball requires a lot of running, stopping and starting and changing direction. You can’t run with the ball so you need to also have a good eye for passing and catching the ball. Movement off the ball is also extensive, so you will develop excellent reactions and acceleration ability from the continued movements required to get into the right position on the court.

Strength and agility

Your strength and agility will also improve as you move about the court for the duration of the game, while the distances covered throughout the whole match will mean improved cardio health and fitness levels. This is particularly true of the Centre position, which covers most of the court.


Your hand to eye coordination will improve due to the nature of the game. Throwing and catching are the ways you move the ball around the court and you need to jump to catch a high ball and aim well to send it in the correct direction to your teammates. Other throws include a chest pass which is thrown at chest height and a bounce pass which can bounce once on the ground.


Teamwork skills will improve considerably as you have to work together with your teammates to create a strong team ethic and coordinate your movements. Only certain positions are allowed to shoot or to enter particular areas, so the whole team must work together to score, defend and attack.

There are many ways you can improve your netball skills, such as attacking, passing, defending, shooting and marking. One way to practice is to use a netball drill training video, such as those available from sportplan.net. These give ideas for drills to help you practice the skills and improve your overall game.


Another great thing about netball is that it also teaches strong flexibility in approach. There is so much going on in a netball game with so much to think about all the time, you need to be able to change up your play at a moment’s notice.…

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10 of international football’s greatest upsets

There are always football teams that pull off upsets, but here are ten of the greatest from international competitions.

1 Austria 0 – 1 Faroe Islands, 1990

Torkil Nielsen scored the only goal in this match, triumphantly winning the Faroe Islands their first competitive game. It was not Austria’s finest hour or finest team, but the inclusion of Toni Polster and Andreas Herzog should have ensured a better performance.

2. Italy 0 – 1 North Korea, 1966

A gripping match that saw Pak Doo-ik glide a half-volley past Enrico Albertosi just before the half-time whistle. Italy left the tournament humiliated.

3. Senegal 1 – 0 France, 2002

Consisting of their strongest player line-up, this was a shocking result for the reigning European and World champions.

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4. Republic of Ireland 0 – 0 Liechtenstein, 1995

Ireland were strong favourites to defeat Liechtenstein after coming top of their table in qualifying rounds. It was certainly one-sided, but the Irish team simply could not score.

5. Honduras 2 – 0 Brazil, 2001

Brazil losing to Honduras was an embarrassing blow; however, 11 months on, Brazil won the 2002 FIFA World Cup.

6. West Germany 1 – 2 Algeria, 1982

Rabah Madjer and Lakhdar Belluominis, African Footballer of the Year, scored the winning goals for Algeria. Respected as the superior side, West Germany were left shocked.

7. Faroe Islands 1 – 0 Greece, 2014

Once again, the Faroe Islands pulled off a remarkable victory against a well-respected European team. The Faroe Islands performed well, with Joan Edmundsson scoring the winning goal

8. Cameroon 1 – 0 Argentina, 1990

The reigning champions Argentina were defeated by a lone goal scored by Francois Omam-Biyik in the 61st minute. An intense match consisting of plenty of chaos, agility and controversial tackles, two Cameroon players were sent off and superstar player Diego Maradona was left limping.

9. Mexico 0 – 4 Trinidad & Tobago, 1973

The islanders stormed to an astonishing four-goal victory over Mexico to quality for the World Cup.

10. England 0 – 1 USA, 1950

A strong England surprisingly found themselves unable to equalise a goal from Joe Gaetjens in the 38th minute.



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Storage Tips for Keeping Your Bicycle in Great Shape for Years

Finding the perfect bicycle and accessories to go with it is a long process that we are sure you’re familiar with. You don’t want to let all that hard work be wasted by not properly taking care of your bicycle. By following the many tips suggested below, you can ensure your bicycle will stay in tip-top shape for many years to come.

Give It a Bath 

Whether you were just riding a couple miles down the street or you spend hours off-road, it’s important to wash your bike. This only takes a few minutes to do and will ensure you keep the handlebars, seat, frame, and reflectors clean and shiny. We highly suggest having a light-bristled brush to remove any mud or stones from your joints, brakes, and wheels.

By cleaning your bike after every ride, you can ensure it won’t rust or corrode. You should treat your bike as you would your body, give it a bath every time. It’s so much nicer when you remove your bike from storage and it’s already shiny and ready to roll.

Stay Organized 

If you’re an avid biker, it’s likely that you have more than one bicycle. In fact, you probably have a variety of touring, mountain, and other types of bikes at your home. It’s best to store all of your bikes in one place. This will ensure you can always find the bike that you need for the adventure that you are seeking.

Use A Bike Hanger 

One major mistake that many bicycle owners make is in the way they store their bike. Keeping it on the ground or hanging it from a loose rack, can allow for any sort of disruptive force to knock it down or over. This can cause damage to the bike, which could’ve been easily avoided by using a hanger.

Derailleur Hanger Mech, Rear, and Gear Hangers are available for any type of bike that you have. These are customized to fit the style that you ride to ensure the best fit and no interference with the operation of your bike. These hangers are built with the bicyclist in mind as they are built to snap under immense force to protect against bending of your bike wheel.

Tune It Up 

We say tune it up to mean the practice of a few different maintenance requirements. You should check your air pressure and add any air …

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