Advantages and Disadvantages of the gym at home

The number of fitness sites is, of course, a very fun thing, especially for you who like to exercise. Now, many gyms are located close to the office area, the goal of course to facilitate those who want to gym after office. In addition to going to the gym, do gym at home can also be an option. One of the reasons sports at home is comfortable and free. But of course, you have to have a fitness tool that one tool can do a lot of movement, for example, elliptical bike 2 in 1 cross trainer exercise fitness machine.

Well, here are the advantages and disadvantages of a gym at home:

1.     Cheap

Of course, exercising at home is cheaper, because you do not have to pay anything. You just follow the movement of gymnastics via the internet only.

2.     More Comfortable

For some, exercising is more comfortable in the home. You also do not have to think about what clothes to wear and how much time spent in the gym.

3.     Diverse Options

Not only gymnastics in the house, you can also go around the complex with jogging to cycling. Home activities such as sweeping and mopping can also be used for exercise.

Disadvantages Sports at home

1.     Difficult Focus

Intention to exercise may be there, but during the process, there are things that make you unfocused, like there are snacks, television, cell phones, etc.

2.     No Trainer

Professional trainers are certainly good because he can provide a guide to exercise a healthy lifestyle that must be lived. At home? You just rely on your own knowledge and sober.

3.     Limited Facilities

Doing exercise at home would require more room to be as comfortable as the gym. The tool used was certainly of a large size, so not all homes can be a gym “impromptu”.