5 facts every Formula 1 fan should know

With the roar of the race and high-octane circuits sweeping through beautiful locations such as Monte Carlo, there is no sport more alluring than Formula 1 when it comes to glamour.

Here are five F1 facts to prepare yourself for the season ahead.

1. Winning Races isn’t Everything

It may seem odd, but winning Formula 1 races does not always mean winning the championship crown.

As frequently happens in Formula 1, despite securing more Grand Prix wins than any other driver on the F1 grid, Lewis Hamilton failed to win the World Championship title in 2016.

Winning a total of 10 races, Hamilton came in second place to German racer Nico Rosberg, who won 9 races. However, Rosberg kept a consistent and steady results record, securing the 2016 championship with a 5-point lead.

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2.Female Drivers

Although it’s not a widely acknowledged fact, Formula 1 is open to both women and men.

In 1958, Maria Teresa de Filippis, a fearless Italian, became the first woman to race in Formula 1. She finished tenth in the Belgian Grand Prix, driving a total of four races in the season.

The second – and currently last – woman to compete was Lella Lombardi, a compatriot of de Filippis, who debuted in Formula 1 in 1974. Lombardi is the only female F1 driver in history to have finished in the top six of an F1 World Championship race, when she scored a half point at the Spanish Grand Prix of 1975.

3. Extreme Heat

To protect drivers in a fire or crash, helmets are constructed to withstand extreme temperatures of 800°C.

Modern driving overalls are also manufactured from materials that can endure heat of 840°C.

4. 5G Force

Our bodies rarely experience much more than 1G, which is the G-force exerted on our bodies when turning a corner on the street. However, each time a Formula 1 driver brakes into a corner during a Grand Prix, their bodies cope with an incredible 5G force.

5. F1 Pets

Coco and Roscoe, Lewis Hamilton’s bulldogs, have even found fame. They have 116,000 followers on their own social media accounts and even travel in their owner’s private jet.