4 Tips to win a fantasy football trophy

Whether you’re an old football fan who ends up riding the fantasy car or just to get to know the sport completely, there are some basic strategies that can help you compete immediately and win fantasy football trophies.

  1. Know the Rules

When you join the fantasy league, you should be able to immediately discover what it takes to get enough points to defeat your opponents every week. Most leagues operate under a basic scoring system that rewards the runner, wide receivers and tight ends of a fantasy point by 10 yards and six points per touchdown. The quarterback usually receives fantasy points on a slightly lower scale – one point for every 25 yards entering and four points for a touchdown pass – because the ball is always in his hands. Kickers and defense teams also have their own scoring system. Each league is different, so be sure to check its rules and settings, and ask to see what it faces.

  1. Find the mentor

Given the popularity of this multi-billion dollar industry, it should be easy for you to find friends or family who have played Fantasy Football for years, or at least compete in the fight for a fantasy football trophy. This mentor will be an invaluable resource to explain his strategies, rules and suggestions when he can not decide which player will be in his starting lineup on Sunday. If you do not know someone, it’s easy to connect with experts on Twitter and ask them questions, or simply explore SCOUT Fantasy for articles that contain solid advice.

  1. Go to execute the exercise

You may not yet be ready to join the league with your friends or coworkers. It’s okay; There are many fantasy leagues that are open to the public, both free and in cash, if you want to test how the game works. Of course, you can also get a draft to understand how the player gets the draft, but joining the training league will give you a better idea of ​​what it takes to manage the team throughout the season.

  1. Recognize the NFL

It seems to work for some people, but if you want to win the Fantasy Football Championship, you must follow the news in the NFL. Know which players are starting and who is doing the backup. It is also important to realize which teams are increasing and which are vulnerable to know which players will start each week. Playing without this knowledge will make you suffer great losses.